Windows Server 2012 & Exchange 2010

So in a few weeks i will be introducing Windows Server 2012 into my environment that has Windows 2008 R2 DC’s with Exchange 2010. Microsoft have no official support yet with just running Windows Server 2012 DC’s with Exchange 2010 so i will run the current 2008 R2 DC’s and install a new 2012 DC.

When Microsoft release SP3 for Exchange 2010 which will allow coexistence with Exchange 2010 then i will do a fully fledged upgrade of all systems.

More updates on my installations to follow soon…

For further reading regarding SP3 for Exchange 2010, you can look at this thread below:


Exchange 2010 SP2 Rollup 4 version 2

Microsoft released Rollup 4 Version 2 for Exchange so i decided to update my Exchange 2010 Servers and encountered Error code 0×80070643. This is how i fixed it, simple and quick.

Uninstall the following component :Windows Server Windows Management Framework 3.0
Restart the server
Start the installation of Rollup 4 version 2 again.
Restart the server
Install Windows Management Framework again.
Restart the server

After this everything should be fine, i only encountered this on one of the servers.

Hope it helps.

Exchange 2010 & DPM 2010 Backups

Recently my Client contacted me saying they cannot Receive External Email.

After checking the disk space i noticed that the drive had less than 15% available.

Upon investigation i found that DPM was not doing backups anymore and the log files had increased over a 3 week period on the Exchange Server.

The log files were deleted and when DPM was brought back online it gave an error that the log files were inconsistent.

My solution was to enable Circular logging in Exchange, Dismount / Mount the DB and then after replication i disabled Circular logging again. Once the DB was Dismounted / Mounted again i started the DPM backup and it went through again without any issues.

Hope that this helps anyone else.


Circular logging can be enabled through the EMC or Management Shell. Please note that if you have a DAG you do not need to Dismount/Mount the Database.

Shell Command: Set-MailboxDatabase -CircularloggingEnabled:$true

Exchange 2010 SP2 Upgrade

Important Note about Installing Exchange 2010 SP2:

Exchange 2010 SP2 will update your existing schema by itself as part of the installation in the same way that Exchange 2010 SP1 did. Your account will need to be part of Enterprise/Schema Admins group to carry out the change.

Let’s Upgrade Exchange to SP2:

Navigate to the directory where you got your SP2 install files. Before installing SP2 I ran through the pre-requisites for SP2 as to not getting the error message below that some features are missing:

The ‘IIS 6 WMI Capability’ component is required. Install the component via Server Manager

This site can also be referenced for this:

As I only have one server with all the roles installed (CAS, HT and MB) due to limited funds.

Once the content of SP2 has been extracted to a folder, mine is on the D:\ drive, if you double click Setup the screen below will appear. Click on “Install Microsoft Exchange Server Upgrade” to start the upgrade.

  •  The Introduction Screen is displayed as below, click on the Next button.

  •  Select the radio button “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and click Next.

  •  The next step is to go through the readiness check as shown below.

  •  Once all the checks have completed you can click on the upgrade button.

  • The Installation will now update the Schema and load the necessary binaries.

  • Once setup finishes you can then click on the Finish button.

  •  After Installation the exchange services need to be restarted, i prefer rebooting my server.
  • One thing i did notice was i could not receive email from the internet as Anonymous Users was unticked on the permissions tab. I re-enabled this and everything was back to normal.