IPAM Windows Server 2012

So Microsoft introduced this cool feature on Windows Server 2012 called IPAM (IP Address Management).

To install this make sure it is not on a Domain Controller.

Installation is pretty simple, open up server manager, Add new features and select IPAM.

Here are a few firewall inbound rules that need to be enabled on your DNS and DHCP Servers:

DNS Service (RPC)
DNS Service (RPC Endpoint Mapper)
Remote Service Management (RPC)
Remote Service Management (RPC-EPMAP)
Remote Event Log Management (RPC)
Remote Event Log Management (RPC-EPMAP)

Now you need to give IPAMUG access to the Event Log Readers Built-In Security group in AD.  Your machine running IPAM needs to be part of IPAMUG.

The key to this is patience, once all the Firewall Ports/Inbound Rules are correct and access give as above everything will be green.

For more info check out MS article:


Hope it helps.


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