Exchange 2013 MSDiagnostics Event Error 1006

(**UPDATE, CU6 Fixes this bug**)

Since upgrading to CU1, CU2 and now CU2v2 for Exchange 2013, event ID 1006 keeps getting logged with performance counter errors. My server has 600GB free space yet it complains of this. Seems like yet another bug in Exchange 2013.

I turned off these notifications, you can do so at your own will if you want. This is the error logged:

The performance counter ‘\\SERVER\LogicalDisk(HarddiskVolume1)\Free Megabytes’ sustained a value of ‘45,297.00’, for the ’15’ minute(s) interval starting at ‘7/21/2013 5:41:00 AM’. Additional information: None. Trigger Name:DatabaseDriveSpaceTrigger. Instance:harddiskvolume4

Here is the location of the config file where you can set the value from “True” to “False”

Disable the trigger in the Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.Service.exe

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\V15\Bin\Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.Service.exe 

Change “ExchangeJobs.Triggers.DatabaseDriveSpaceTrigger” from “True” to “False”.

After making the change I restarted the MS Exchange Diagnostics Service and no more errors logged. This should be fixed in CU3

Hope it helps.

Exchange 2013 CU2 upgrade to CU2v2

MS released CU2 and then CU2V2 to fix the public folder problem. Please note you need to apply CU2v2 to be able to update to newer releases. The update is pretty straight forward.

Download the newest version and extract it to a folder, download is around 1.3GB. After that open up an elevated command prompt and run the following command:

setup.exe /m:upgrade /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

Setup will take about 1 hour depending on server. It goes through 2 checks and then about 18 steps.

One thing I did notice when the services are restored they don’t start and the install just sits there with the cursor flashing. As soon as i start the first 8 exchange services the install carries on.

Hope it helps

SharePoint 2013 DPM backup failed – A Journal wrap error has occurred on the change journal.

After a few replica’s on SharePoint 2013, DPM backups kept failing with the above error. If you run a consistency check then all is good until the next backup.

To fix this error you need to increase the USN Journal, you can do so as follows, run the following PowerShell Command (increase to whatever suits your environment):

fsutil usn createjournal m=1000 a=100 c:

After running this command I was able to create a replica again, here is the MS Technet Article:

Hope it helps

Exchange 2013 CU2 Error when forwarding a calendar

Since upgrading to CU2 on Exchange 2013 several users have come back to me saying they get errors when trying to forward a calendar, here is the error:

This message could not be sent. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator. Error is [0x80070005-00000000-00000000]

MS have advised this is a know bug and will be fixed in CU3. You can check if you get the same error on OWA as well. CU3 is scheduled to be released in about 3 months time.

I find that copying the actual content of the meeting request and then sending a new one works but for users that is a pain.

Hope it helps

DPM 2012 SP1 replica inconsistent – datasource is owned by a different DPM server SharePoint 2013 replica Error

Last 2 days I have encountered the error above, the previous backup on DPM went fine.

Checked that space was not an issue, the services were all started, rebooted the SharePoint server as windows updates were applied and still got the error.

Simple fix is to do the following:

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\Active Owner.
  • Remove or rename the files that are 0 KB in size.
  • Run a consistency check again on the replica and it should go through now.

Hope it helps