Install Windows Server 2012


This document lists the steps to install Windows Server 2012.

Attach the media (if its a virtual machine) or insert the DVD into the DVD drive and then boot the Virtual/Physical Machine.

A screen will show loading. When it completes you will get the screen below.


  • Select your language, time and Keyboard method.
  • Click Next.


  • Click on the “Install Now” button to start the installation.


  • Enter in your product key and then click Next.


  • Make your select if you want a GUI or Core installation and then click Next.


  • Click on the checkbox to accept the license terms and then click Next.


  • We are going to do an Custom Installation as this is a new install on a system with no OS.


  • Select the partition you want to install on or create your custom partitions and then click Next.


  • Progress screen. Sit back and wait for the install to complete.


  • Once the setup has completed and after several reboots you will get to this screen. Enter in the local Administrator password and confirm it. Once done click Finish.


  • Once done you will get the login screen. Press any key on the keyboard for the screen to show display the screen below.


  • Type in the password you just created to login to the system.

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