Event ID 2107 Exchange 2010

Today after a power failure at my other site (yes power drops a lot) I noticed that after the main DC came back online that Exchange was complaining it could not see the DC. Normally the Topology for Exchange should be CDG177101171 it was showing CDG10010000.

I went to the DC in question and ran a DCDIAG and it reported the following error:

The host 661bcd5c-ba25-4e96-81b3-64c2db98a63b._domain name could not be resolved to an IP address. Check the DNS server, DHCP, server name, etc.
Got error while checking LDAP and RPC connectivity. Please check your firewall settings.
……………………. DC failed test Connectivity

Before doing anything else I tested from each Exchange server if I could ping the DC and I could. I went to Active Directory Sites and Services, forced replication and still got the same error. So before I make any changes I rebooted the DC.

After the reboot I ran a DCDIAG and found no more errors. What I could see in the logs was that the DC was complaining about DNS. After the server came up from the power failure it did not start DNS correctly.

15 min later when Exchange logs event 2080 regarding the AD Topology it was showing connectivity to the DC again with CDG177101171.

Hope it helps


Rebooting a Windows 2008 R2 Server Remotely Fails

I installed updates and rebooted my DC in a remote site only to find out that terminal services was ended but the actual server did not reboot.

I ran shutdown -i from another machine and got the famous reply: 1115 A system shutdown is in progress.

I tried various switches to no avail. I then connected with SCCM to the console and saw that the Shutdown was stuck on “Notifying Services of the Shutdown”.

I then found a command line to use that reboots the machine in 60 seconds:

taskkill /s \\somepc /U administrator /P pass /im lsass.exe

Maybe not the best tool but when you in another country it is pretty difficult to just go and hard boot the server. Hope it helps.

Moving DHCP Database from SBS 2003 to Windows 2008 R2

Today i decided to move my DHCP from the old Small Business Server 2003 as their is no longer support for this version of  Windows and moving it to a newer OS will be better. The move was pretty straight forward, you can look at the link below, i successfully exported the DB, installed the DHCP role on Windows 2008 R2 and reimported the DB without any errors. All my reservations and leases were still in place.

I then unauthorized DHCP on SBS 2003 and removed the role. I then rebooted one of my notebooks and let it renew its IP, that was successful as well. Hope it helps anybody else who is trying to move roles.